Law on it new technologies

Our services are directed at companies from the IT sector. Our Office specialises in contracts related to the IT sector, in particular to licence / sublicense agreements, implementation contracts, contracts for the supply of IT systems, e.g. of the ERP class,
as well as tax issues related to these.
Our assistance may be targeted at both products and services that you are currently marketing and those that you intend to market in the future.

The Law Office

Our offering is directed at both individual and corporate clients. We provide comprehensive legal assistance based on the experience and practice of our solicitors. Our lawyers will represent your interests in a dignified manner and offer you reliable legal advice.

Individual clients

This is an offering directed at small, medium and large enterprises (companies, co-operatives, foundations, associations
and sole proprietors). Our Office provides regular legal support to companies, as well as one-time legal advice and consultations.

Real property

The Office provides legal advice at all stages of investment projects including in particular: checking legal title to land, negotiating and concluding contracts, etc. We advise on the settlement of disputes between investors, contractors, developers and customers.
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